Prayer Request

Dave sheffer, June 10, 2023 - 6:53 pm

I’m getting ssi disability money June 30 been homeless in my car no money for food or gas supposed to take heart meds and diabetes meds with food low n gas no family. Type 2 diabetic 9 stents after heart attack few yrs back. Please keep me in your prayers for better health and stability. I don’t usually ask for financial help but I really need it my car insurance expired I got ticket for no insurance. Fine is 332 dollars . My mom passed away in 2019 left annunity. Social security said I couldn’t keep both annunity and disability money so I had to sell annunity in2019. Then social security held up my monthly benefits I only get 914 total a month. They held up my disability money for 5 months no income lost where I was staying insurance expired by GODS grace I won the appeal I’m getting my disability money June 30. But no money for anything please can someone help me one time financially I don’t drink don’t smoke never did drugs was foolish prodigal son when younger if someone can help my cell is 312 543 9351. I can receive texts